Words From Pastor’s Desk

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Words From Pastor’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

Each of us is now a part of history. Last Sunday, we witnessed the great celebration and Canonization of two Popes – Ss.John Paul II and John XXIII; the Mass was concelebrated by two living

Popes. This has never happened before. Two new Saints and two beautiful role models we are able to follow, especially for those of us who either personally met, visited, or watched these men through media through the years. What a wonderful way to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.

Thank you to all who participated in our Divine Mercy Devotion. A special Thank You to Catholic Charities who shared the cost of the dinner with us. And another Thank You to our parishioner volunteers and the volunteers from Catholic Charities who catered to our every need.

As previously stated, it is necessary for us to adjust our Mass Schedule with the hopes that it will bring our parish family together by celebrating Mass as a larger community. Saturday’s 5 pm Mass will remain the same. There will be some adjustments on Sunday mornings with only two Mass times offered. These changes will begin on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014.

In the “Breaking of the Bread” He was recognized.

How many times have you met someone for the second time and they did not recognize or remember you? Can you imagine following, listening, talking, and sharing life for months or even years and not recognizing you? As two disciples are walking and talking about the events of the past week, they are joined by a stranger. A Man who questioned them and then explained more of the actual significance of the events. Yet, they still did not recognize who the Man was. Not until later as they shared a meal and witnessed the blessing and breaking of the Bread.

We too, are often in the actual presence of Jesus yet fail to see. We fail to see Christ in others. Jesus dwells within all who believe. He loves us and lives and is really there. When we read or hear the Scriptures, he is there, really there. When we unite with others around the Eucharist, Christ is present, really present. Sadly, we often fail to recognize him. In that encounter we find the model for our Liturgy of the Word – what we do each time we gather as a community for the Eucharist. We reflect upon our life experiences and interpret them in light of Scripture. We gather together to break open the Word of God.

Today we congratulate our children who will receive their First Eucharist and fully participate in our celebration of the Mass – the “Breaking of the Bread”. May our Lord bless them and watch over them as they grow in body and faith.

Please keep me in your prayers. Fr. Jacek

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