Sing A New Song Unto The Lord!

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Sing A New Song Unto The Lord!

We would like to introduce you to the talented folks who add so much to Mass with their beautiful voices.

Music greatly enhances the Liturgy experience and assists the congregation in singing at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  St. Andrew’s choir is composed of a multitude of voices from high school age to senior citizen.  This multifaceted group sings with great “heart” to praise the Lord.

Their voices are heard at 10:00 Mass each Sunday and on Holy Days and Feast Days.  In addition, we have gifted cantors along with our organist participating at 5:00 Mass on Saturday afternoon and 8:00 Mass on Sunday morning.

We are truly blessed to have such talented individuals in our choir and would like to take this opportunity to recognize them for their fine contributions to our Liturgies.


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