Veteran’s Collection

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Veteran’s Collection

Our Confirmation class along with neighboring parishes are collecting various items for a couple local Veteran facilities. Below is a list of needed items. If you would like to donate. please bring you donation to church and place it in the boxes located in the vestibule. If you have any questions, please contact Tammy in the Rectory. Thank you! God bless our Vets!

Items needed for Veterans Day Collection for Manteno Veterans Home & Hines VA Hospital
Body wash                                          Polident denture cream                                Chapstick
Roll-on deodorant                           alcohol free mouthwash                               nail clippers
Hand & body lotion                         alcohol free aftershave                                 shaving cream
Shampoo                                            body spray cologne                                      disposable razors
Toothpaste                                         Efferdent denture tablets                            white socks
toothbrushes                                    pocket size Kleenex                                        winter stretch hats / gloves
undershirts (L,XL,XXL)                    underwear (L,XL,XXL)                              sweatpants, sweatshirts (L,XL,XXL)
hairbrush / comb                             magnifying glasses                                          hand held mirror
sugarfree gum                                  soft granola/cereal bars                                gallon Hawaiian punch
packaged crackers/cheese            packaged crackers/peanut butter                 small box raisins                                                                                             individual chips/ pretzels              small candy bars – no nuts
playing cards                                      batteries – AA, AAA, C, D                            greeting cards
postage stamps                               wallet / change purse                                    small flashlight
paper plates, towels                       6oz. foam cups                                                Sudoku, crossword, word search books
plastic forks, spoons, knives                napkins                                                      fabric softener sheets


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