Parish Transformation

The Team met for their fourth session.

Father spoke briefly of an earlier meeting he attended where he had the opportunity to speak with a very humble, spiritual and inspiring Cardinal. Cardinal George will celebrate 50years as a priest on December 18th.  As a gesture of appreciation for his leadership, we should be thinking of an appropriate anniversary gift.

The Team continued discussion of the Mission Building Blocks of Evangelization and Catechesis.

Evangelization is simply sharing the Good News of our Faith in words or actions every day and everywhere. It is deepening one’s relationship with Christ and sharing. As Jesus called on the blind, the lame, the good, and the sinner, each was addressed with love and compassion. Who we are and how we say and do things should reflect that we all have Jesus in our lives. All Catholics are Evangelizers, and by our behavior, should be an example of Christ to everyone. We have a wonderful message to share. Do our actions, match our beliefs?

Effective Catechesis fosters faith. It aims to deepen our relationship with God and helps us to know the Person, message, and mission of Christ. Catechesis is not reserved for children preparing for Sacraments, nor reserved to a few professionals or trained volunteers. We all can be catechists in the daily experiences of life. Catechesis trains disciples who will be confident enough in their own faith to effectively pass on to others the joy of believing. This is the year of the Strong Catholic Parents, it is hoped that parents, as role models, will be first to teach and lead their children to God.

After a deeper understanding of these two, we continued onto Prayer and Worship, and Communion. More on these will follow next week.